Are There Medical Consequences If I Delay Treatment?

Sometimes our patients will ask us the questions, “what are the consequences if I delay treatment?

It’s a good question and one that will surface from time to time, especially from patients who are just learning about the impact of their periodontal or gum disease.

Ordinarily, patients referred from other periodontists or dentists around Fort Lauderdale are “ready to go” with their treatment.

Others have done research and perhaps seeing a periodontist for the first time…and after our evaluation and consultation…will have some follow up questions.

What we tell patients is that periodontal disease is a progressive, painless infection…until the problem has pretty well progressed…and then you might be experiencing pain.

Delaying treatment while you’re still essentially “pain free” can cause you potential future pain, further bone loss and more expense.

To address advanced disease, you may be looking at surgery, dentures, implants or other measures to address the problem.

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