3D Imaging and SimPlant

When traditional dental x-rays do not provide sufficient information on the shape and amount of bone, a 3D image taken from our iCat is recommended. This new machine produces a 3D image with half the dose of radiation of a full mouth set of digital x-rays. It only takes about 3-5 seconds to take the image. The iCat automatically reconstructs the image in our office for a quick and easy turnaround to eliminate multiple appointments. The 3D images produced from our iCat are used in conjunction with a computer program called Simplant. With this software we can view the jawbone from various angles. It becomes easy to determine the height, width and density of the bone and the location of the mandibular nerve and the maxillary sinus. Implant simulations can be done on the computer, so the exact size and ideal location for the implant is known. Surgical stents can also be constructed to aid in exact implant placement resulting in an ideal restoration and a shorter surgical appointment.