What Will a Ft. Lauderdale Periodontist Really Do For Me?

Very simply periodontists do two main things for their patients

1 ) – we reduce the pain they’re experiencing, and…
2 ) – we fix and/or restore your teeth and gums

In essence, our approach is to help our patients restore their smiles and regain their confidence as it relates to smiling, chewing and talking naturally again.


Our patients visit our Ft. Lauderdale and Deerfield Beach locations for many reasons. Some need advanced care and some are addressing cosmetic procedures.

But regardless, they’re looking a reduction in pain associated with normal daily functions (like smiling, chewing and talking).

The restorative measures we take (including Laser Gum Surgery or Root Planing and Scaling) are procedures that help address issues and re-create the proper structural foundation of our patients teeth and gums.

How do you know it’s time to visit us?

Generally, our new patients are referred to our office because their general dentist has recommended that they do so.

This could be because their gum disease has progressed to a state in which the dentist no longer feels comfortable addressing the issue or believes that a periodontist is better suited to handle care.

Your general dentist has a pretty good understanding of the ‘state of your teeth and gums’ and it’s in their best interest to ensure you’re getting the care you need in a timely manner.

If patients are experiencing gum pain or bleeding from the gums and do a Google search, they may discover our website.

Similarly, they may reach out because they’re interested in specific cosmetic procedures.

Concerned about the health of your teeth? Let’s chat.

If you have questions for a periodontist – please contact our offices. We’d be happy to talk more with you!

Deerfield Beach office: (954) 427-5700

Fort Lauderdale office: (954) 916-7664

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