Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Visiting Your Dentist

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A study conducted in Britain at King’s College London Dental Institute shows that dental phobia can have serious consequences for the person suffering from the phobia.

Essentially, those people who are scared of the dentist or the procedures provided by the dentist, are more likely to suffer from oral health issues. Additionally, those oral health issues can impact their overall quality of life as well.

Per the study…

“Predictably the study found that the fearful patients were more likely to have at least one missing or decaying tooth. Surprisingly, dental phobia was also broadly linked to a poorer quality of life.

While oral diseases aren’t usually life-threatening, the study noted that they can affect people’s ability to eat, drink, speak and socialize, and therefore, the overall quality of life.”

Read the entire article — Dental Phobia Can Have Serious Consequenceshere at CBSNews.com.

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