3 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Worried about your teeth and gums? Looking for ways to reduce your chances of visiting the dentist or orthodontist?

A recent Reader’s Digest article called 3 Surprising Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy is a great article to review. Here is a link to the article and below is a breakout of some of the key ideas.

1. Reduce Sugar

We hear this all of the time — “reduce the amount of sugar you eat!” — and it’s true for your overall health, but also quite true when we’re talking about your oral health as well.

Sugar is the leading cause of tooth decay – that’s when the enamel that protects your teeth begins to erode and break down.

A quick review of your diet will highlight where you sugar intake is coming from. Remember too that starches – breads, cereals, rice, potatoes and pasta have sugar too.

2. Gum Disease

It’s true, more teeth are lost due to gum disease rather than tooth decay. However, they are generally related. Someone who is not taking care of their teeth is also not likely to be taking care of their gums too.

Gum disease is generally caused by poor oral hygiene, poor diet, declining health, social choices (drinking, smoking) and genetics.

The first step in keeping gum disease at bay is proper dental care and regular visits to your dentist or orthodontist.

3. Helpful foods

You might not think that certain foods can help your teeth, but some certainly can.

Apples for example are considered ‘natures toothbrush’ because they help stimulate the gums. Yogurts and cheese, great sources of calcium, help build teeth up.

Concerned about the health of your teeth? Let’s chat.

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